The Macharnudo itinerary represents an outstanding route through some of the most historic vineyard zones of the Jerez Region, considered classical examples of a winegrowing world that has for centuries  produced quality wines of great personality and which remain truly legendary to the present day.

In Pago de Macharnudo, dating back to the Middle Ages, the “El Majuelo” vineyard is worthy of particular mention due to its remarkable nature, its history and its spectacular Marcharnudo Castle. Close by, and at the highest point in the Jerez Region named Cerro del Obispo, stands a remarkable monument to the Sacred Heart that dominates the whole vineyard, whose patrons were the Domecq family.

All along the route you will come across a wide variety of vineyard houses, mostly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, farmhouses, palazzos and important sherry wineries such as Bodegas Fundador, that are dotted around these vineyard zones full of history and tradition and which blend in with the landscape, offering the visitor images that are quite unique in the world.

Some of the vineyards and farmhouses located along the route are open to visitors, each offering singular wine tourism experiences that allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the winegrowing culture of the Jerez Region: accommodation in the vineyards, organization of events, family-owned bodegas and wine tourism activities, etc.…

15,10 km.


3h. 25 min.

A circular itinerary designed to be completed either on foot or on MTB.

Departure point:

Puerta Verde Macharnudo

Final Point:

Puerta Verde Macharnudo

Distance:15,10 km.
Type of route:Circular
Estimated hiking time:3 h. y 25 min.
Estimated cycle touring time:1 h.
Unevenness:170 mts.
Elevation:Maximum: 87 mts. / Minimum: 14 mts.
Pagos:Corchuelo, Añina, Orbaneja, Tizón, Macharnudo Bajo y Macharnudo alto

In order to make your itinerary as comfortable as possible and to allow you to enjoy the Pagos del Sherry to the full, here are some recommendations:

  • The pleasantly mild climate of the Jerez Region makes it possible to enjoy the destination practically the whole year round. However, in spring and summer it is important to bear in mind the high temperatures of the region. At these times you are recommended to avoid the central hours of the day, when very high temperatures are reached, and to follow the route either early morning or in the evening when temperatures are more pleasurable.
  • In spring and summer it is advisable to use sun protection cream and wear a baseball cap, hat or similar as protection from the sun.
  • In autumn and winter, and to a lesser extent during spring, it is advisable to bear in mind the possibility of rain and to avoid following the itinerary if these meteorological conditions are forecast, given that a good part of the route runs across open ground.
  • Comfortable light clothing is recommended.
  • There are no drinking water points available on the route, so it is advisable to take sufficient water to remain hydrated throughout the itinerary.
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