The Fontanar and Bercial itinerary is a remarkable route full of history and wine, one that perfectly reflects the true essence of the Jerez Region.

It is a route that enables you, at your own pace, to discover and enjoy the unique scenic values of the surrounding Rota vineyards, dotted with numerous edifices that form a part of the local identity of the area with its vineyards and farmhouses, some dating from the nineteenth century, as well as other cultural resources such as ranches and archaeological sites, all silent witnesses to the extensive history of the region and its star product: Sherry.

The itinerary is also of outstanding natural value. In addition to offering an exceptional route through the vineyards of the Jerez Region, it provides the opportunity to encounter lakes and panoramic views of exceptional beauty along the way.

21,20 km.


1 h. 30 min.

This itinerary is ideal to complete in a vehicle or by bicycle, either racing bike or MTB. The 25 kilometres of the route run beside the vineyards surrounding Rota and its different sections connect with the Green Route Between Rivers (Chipiona) and with Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Departure point:

Puerta Verde Los Pozos del Galgo

Final Point:

Puerta Verde Los Pozos del Galgo

Distance:21,20 km.
Type of route:Circular
Estimated cycle touring time:1 h. 30 min.
Unevenness:134 mts.
Elevation:Maximum: 58 mts. / Minimum: 16 mts.
Pagos:Fontanar, Bercial, Cebollares y Fuente de oro

In order to make your itinerary as comfortable as possible and to allow you to enjoy the Pagos del Sherry to the full, here are some recommendations:

  • The pleasantly mild climate of the Jerez Region makes it possible to enjoy the destination practically the whole year round. However, in spring and summer it is important to bear in mind the high temperatures of the region. At these times you are recommended to avoid the central hours of the day, when very high temperatures are reached, and to follow the route either early morning or in the evening when temperatures are more pleasurable.
  • In spring and summer it is advisable to use sun protection cream and wear a baseball cap, hat or similar as protection from the sun.
  • In autumn and winter, and to a lesser extent during spring, it is advisable to bear in mind the possibility of rain and to avoid following the itinerary if these meteorological conditions are forecast, given that a good part of the route takes place on open ground.
  • Comfortable light clothing is recommended.
  • In Puerta Verde, starting point and end to the itinerary, there are two wells. However, it is advisable to take sufficient water to remain hydrated throughout the itinerary. There are also different rest areas along the route.
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